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Welcome to Bampton Fresh!

Given the extraordinary times we're currently experiencing, we've launched our website with one simple goal - to make supplying our customers as easy as possible.

You can now place your order online. Navigate the category tabs below to see the range of products that we have available. To order any items, choose the quantity for that row and it will automatically be added to the order. Once you've selected all the items you need, fill in your details at the bottom of the page and place the order. You can choose to collect your order from the store or have it delivered free of charge in the greater Bampton area only.

We'l be expanding the range of products over the coming days to add all the items across the store.

Order Guide Price


Given the range of products we have, it's impossible to list them all. We're adding more and more items each week but if you cannot find an item you know we normally stock, please include the names of these additional items in the box below and we will attempt to supply them.

All requests are subject to us stocking the item and having it available. If we are unable to identify the product then it will not be supplied. Unfortunately due to the current workload we do not have time to correspond to query items.

Please ensure you're contactable on this number so we can speak to you about your order if needed.
We'll send details and confirmation of your order to this address.
This will be where the delivery will be made to by our driver.
Next day orders must be placed by 15:00
We'll do our best to supply everything on this date but some items may be unavailable or take additional time to arrive. We'll let you know any changes to the supply date in the event it needs to adjusted.
For online payments, once we have fulfilled your order, you will receive an online payment link via email from us to pay the order total securely. This will be sent the day after the order once final totals are known.
Important Information

All orders are subject to stock availability. Whilst we will do our best to fulfill all items on every order, we can only supply items that we are able to source. Our list of items to order will be amended in the event that items become permanently unavailable. Given the quantity of orders we are receiving, we have simplified our product sizes and are selling in pre-defined sizes at a set price. The guide price you are shown may vary if items cannot be fulfilled and as exact measurements are made during picking. Given the nature of weighed goods, the weights may vary slightly to that of the quantities show